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6 Facts on Safe Abortion For Our 6th Anniversary!

Today the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership turns 6! We thank all our readers for their support. We hope to have your continued readership.

Today on Twitter we shared 6 facts about safe abortion to celebrate the day! Please share this on your networks as well.

1. #Abortion is very safe when performed by a trained provider. For more info on #safeabortion techniques see here: 

2. In Asia #abortion is allowed in almost all countries at least under select circumstances:

3. Social barriers like #stigma affect women’s access to #safeabortion even where abortion is legal:

4. #Safeabortion is a human right:

5. 2 out of 5 ppl who have unsafe #abortions are under 25 yrs of age. Their needs must be recognised. #safeabortion #prochoice

6. #Medicalabortion is one of the safest methods of terminating a pregnancy. For more information read:


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