Stay tuned to hear from some of the most pioneering activists and champions of abortion rights in Asia share their experience and what does the future hold for abortion and reproductive rights of all.

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With the kick-start of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence on 25th November, ASAP launched it’s first ever series of videos/podcasts that discuss abortion in Asia(and everything round it!) in detail. We will be releasing ‘The ASAP Conversations’ which will involve discussions on issues ranging from abortion laws across Asia, to sex selection, to disability & abortion rights, to the politics of srhr in today’s age and much more!

ASAP Conversations During Covid

Pakistan: Shortage of contraception will increase unsafe abortions post COVID19

'In many ways COVID has brought feminist issues at the forefront' with Dr Barbara Klugman

Comprehensive Sexuality Education can help solve the crises of 'baby dumping' in Malaysia

'With abortion highly stigmatized in Latin America PROMSEX shares why we need more than just laws'

Menstrual regulation in Bangladesh: Services which are accessible, blocked by the stigma with Samiul

'Female Genital Mutilation: Continuing fight against patriarchy, religion and politics' with Masooma

Though abortion is legal in Thailand, providers with stigma now using COVID to deny services

With abortion restricted even pre-Covid, advocates in Indonesia have been fighting a long battle

Unheard before, continue to struggle battling COVID19: Voices from Bodoland with Laxmi Chetri

Palestinians: fighting oppression and covid19

Battling racism and COVID19, US looking at restructuring its foundations' with Alison Hoover

Doctors for the right to abortion' with Doctors for Choice UK & India Safe Abortion Youth Advocates

Social Solidarity in times of Social Isolation' with Anudari, Co Founder Women for Change, Mongolia

New Zealand sets an example of Govt & CSO Cooperation' Dame Margaret, Dr Dr. Helen & Jackie Edmond

The pandemic has changed people's perceptions' ASAP Conversation with Rola Yasmine

'We MUST stop stigmatizing diseases.' ASAP Conversation with Kousalya Periasamy

'Lockdown has enabled advocates to push for better SRHR services in Australia' Dr Suzanne & Brigid

Rethinking 'future' in the post-COVID world! An ASAP Conversation with Arzoo & Garima

'Lockdown without plan increases risk of unsafe abortions in in SL' ASAP Conversation with Shelani

'Locked in, but also locked out' an ASAP Conversation with Rituparna Bohra

My Body My Work with All India Network of Sex Workers on #LabourDay2020 #ASAPConversations

Accessing medical abortion, more important now than ever' ASAP Conversation with Suyash (ISAY)

Social Distancing is nothing new for sex workers in India' ASAP Conversation with Tejaswi Sevekari

How the government & NGOs are adapting to COVID-19 in Nepal with Shreejana Bhattacharya

New Pandemic Old issues' with Manisha Gupte on #ASAPConversationsDuringCovid

Virginity is not a medical condition..or is it?

For our second episode of ASAP Conversations, on #WorldTheaterDay 27th March, Dr Suchitra Dalvie spoke to Applied Theater Practitioner, brilliant writer and director Ayesha Susan Thomas.
She shared with us her journey of using theater as tool for initiating dialogue on issues that matter and her work in progress ‘Flabby Breasted Virgins and Other Sordid Tales’, a play based on Dr Suchitra Dalvie’s article written for Agents Of Ishq and an updated version written for Feminism in India and Haiyya.
You can read the Article here –

Our first video in the series talks about the personal being political. The things we choose to speak out about or the things we choose to keep quiet about, all have political consequences and so our Youth Champion from India, Meera explains, what feminists mean when they say ‘Personal is Political’?

Personal Is Political - Youth Champion Meera explains.

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