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The 2012 Global Family Planning Summit in London: A Quick Guide

For the weekend, we are happy to present all our blogs on the 2012 Global Family Planning Summit in London. There will be more in the upcoming week, including interviews with a few prominent social scientists who attended the conference. Stay tuned, and until then happy reading!

1. 2012 Global Family Planning Summit Exciting but Incomplete: Published well before the summit, this article summarizes the need for family planning, and urges governments and private enterprises to include safe abortion in their agenda. Also read, Why we cannot shy away from safe abortions and Why the Family Planning Summit Should Include Safe Abortions.

2. Coming together to Cross Barriers: This blog covers the excitement around Melinda’s brain child, the no-controversy website, and the Guardian’s crowd-sourcing maps.

3. The Bellagio consensus: Read this to see what experts recommended for various national governments, private sectors and civil societies.

4. Great Reads: This is a compilation of various online resources that were published before the Summit. The blog has been appended to include the Lancet series on family planning.

5. The Summit: A Preview: Published on the morning of the event, this blog summarizes our expectations and concerns. It includes a wonderful letter written by Dorothy Fadiman, producer, and pro-choice feminist who talks about a backalley abortion, and the need for family planning.

6. Reports from the Summit: Read out take-home messages from the Summit in this post: Highs and Lows at the Family Planning Summit, and specific messages for Asia and Africa in this post: Five Key points for Asia and Africa.



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