Rise, Dance And Tweet With Us: Tweetfest and OBR!

It’s one week to February 14! And for all of us feminists (women and men) that is V-day, a day set aside to protest gender-based violence, particularly violence against women.

obrThis year, V-day promises to be memorable with one billion men and women across the globe rising in a dance of protest. This campaign called One Billion Rising is the brainchild of Eve Ensler, American Playwright and Feminist most famous for her heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious, compendium of stories – The Vagina Monologues. (Read more about the One Billion Rising Campaign).

But if vaginas spoke in that masterpiece of Eve’s they will put on dancing shoes and rush to the streets on Feb 14, dragging with them men who want to support this campaign and help end this misogynist culture. Eve herself has been touring the world to remind women and men to join this protest, and bring this violence to an end. (Read about her visit to Mumbai)

But before we invite you to dance, we invite you to another exciting event – a Tweetfest ( a mini Tweetathon) on this culture of violence and how we can grow out of this? Joining ASAP for this event  are Bell Bajao, an Indian NGO that works against gender-based violence, and TARSHI, the first to bring a sexuality helpline to Asia!

When: Feb 12, 2-4 p.m.
Where: On Twitter
What: Tweetfest on “Woman’s Body: A Site For Control and Violence?”
Why: Because facts matter!
Who: ASAP, Bell Bajao and TARSHI

Hashtag: #WhosInControl

On Feb 14, we will be rising with Mumbai in dance and protest! If you are going to be there, come say hello!

ASAP has its own reason for joining this dance of protest. Asia has over 9 million abortions every year, but in spite of these numbers, several governments are yet to recognize abortion as a public health issue and a basic human right. In many countries restrictive laws force hundreds of women and young girls to seek unsafe abortion. According to the WHO this contributes to 13% of all maternal deaths.

Coupled with poor laws is the lack of accurate information on both surgical and medical abortion, both of which are safe methods of terminating a pregnancy. But myths about abortion and its complications bar Asian women from seeking this safe medical procedure. In addition to all this, abortion remains highly stigmatized, perhaps because it subverts patriarchal traditions which tie the significance of a women to her womb.

But be it because of myths, or stigma or poor laws, thousands of women are made to suffer the lack of basic medical care. The center for reproductive rights calls this denial a torture, and we stand by this.

If you believe this too, join us on Twitter on Feb 12, and then rise in dance wherever you are! (For events near your location, please click here)

Let us dance this violence to an end!



About Shweta Krishnan

Shweta Krishnan was the Communication and Networking Officer For the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership between June 2012 and March 2014. She is a feminist writer with a background in medicine, and has a strong commitment to promoting sexual and reproductive rights for all.
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