Nitish Nadkarni, Youth Champion

Humans have always been called social animals. May it be a rush at a railway station or a queue at the ATM, humans tend to communicate with each other. Languages are different, nationalities are different and yet the only thing that actually binds us with the silken cords of phylogeny is the fact that we are humans.

And this social interaction between two Sapienic entities stems from the very need of people to interact and share and exchange information. And here comes the glitch. Information can be biased. As someone has said correctly- History is a lie that has been honed as a weapon by those who were strong enough to supress the truth. Thus all the information we receive is nothing but a mere illusion of truth; albeit a persistent one.

With access to information, we come across the basic necessity of any Sapien. That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. Rights are the very things bestowed upon us by us and you know what’s fun about it…they are unalienable. EVERY person, irrespective of whether poor or rich, black or white, male or female, always possesses a gift. The gift of choice. This choice is as fundamental as food, clothing and shelter. And you know who is deprived of these rights…woman.

Yes, the very entity which gives us an existence. And the reason? A false sense of pride amongst the testosteronized society about the competency of women in the world. Did we learn nothing from the legends? The Olympics? Are we so hellbent of destroying their status in the society that we don’t even consider them a part of the society ?

As I said, Humans are animals. But animals behave better than us. We have a larger representation of cortex than the amygdala. So, next time you see a beautiful girl, instead of staring at her like hyenas, respect her. The next time someone tries to harass her, instead of participating, try to rebel. Because if we don’t do it, we are no better than simple animals who act on basic instinct, grow, reproduce and die.

It is time that we start a revolt from within. It is time that we put the testosterone to test. It is time to convert the evil hunger in an oestrogenic anger. Shut mouths will make the shout louder. One person will make the war bigger. It is time to invoke the goddess…not in the temple, but around us. In our homes, work places and yes, in our hearts. Because it’s not who you are but what you do, that defines you.