DRUK- YISA, our Country Advocacy Network from Bhutan, with Sherubtse College (the oldest college in Bhutan) organized programs to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Amidst celebrating how far the women’s rights movement has come, they also discussed several issues that still affect them, almost on a daily basis, ranging from access to education to gender based violence to lack of reproductive rights.


Sherubtse 2

A competition was organized at the event, where participants were asked to share their personal thoughts and opinions on gender injustice and patriarchy in a creative way through a poem or a prose. Though each literary work was amazing, we want to share this with you, written by a participant who chooses to be anonymous
Gender equality! Smashing the patriarchy!
But wait,
There’s more than two gender identity
Facing the criticism of so called humanity, based on their sexuality
We don’t hate men, but we (women) know better about the going on
Inequality, the gap in payment and every gap we face.
You do too, dear men
I know you cry, keep it all inside, you don’t want to be called unmanly
face the wrath of this whatever world in which we live
This inequality has left no one out, made victim out of everyone equally
Looking down on women, making sure men be strong
Leaving the trans people confused, which bathroom should they use
So let’s not misunderstand the term feminism
It’s not just to voice out struggles of our fellow women (I know we have been through alot)
Let’s use it to create stability and equality among all sexes like it was meant to be and
In this unfair world, where our time is numbered
Let’s just be fair to all
This time instead of thinking of our own sex
Let’s think equally for all

Sherubtse 3