Please help us mobilize support for Edite Estrela report on SRHR! The EP plenary vote is tomorrow at 12:00 and we are facing a gigantic opposition campaign from highly organized radical religious groups!  We have prepared many social media messages that we would love you to share as well as a briefing paper that is the fruit of the work of many SRHR organizations such as EPF, DSW, MSI, CRR and IPPF EN!!!

The SRHR community has worked together to ensure that EP Edite Estrela report adopted in the Women’s rights Committee on September 18 was a very progressive text.

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Now together with other SRHR organizations we are organizing a big mobilization to convince MEPs to vote in favour of the EP Edite Estrela’s report on SRHR! The anti-choice is organizing a huge campaign against the report. They have been inundating MEPs inboxes last week with anti-choice messages from “concerned parents” sending letters to all MEPs every 5 min spreading wrong information about the risks associated with sexuality education, contraception, abortion, and LGBT rights! They are using the outcome of the “One of Us” initiative (more than a million signatures for the protection of the embryo) plus the forthcoming elections to intimidate parliamentarians, especially from the EPP.  It seems that they are succeeding with many!!!! We have never seen something like this before!!!

We have prepared an article for Facebook and a social media messages tool on Edite Estrela report and we would be grateful if could please help us share them! In particular, could you be so kind to post the article on your organization’s Facebook page and support our office and our young people’s efforts to have a tweeting concerted campaign today and tomorrow morning? The vote on the report is tomorrow at 12:00!

You can find your MEPs tweeting account clicking on this link:

If you want to select them on the bases of their political group click here:

Thank you for any support and assistance you can give us on this issue!

Warm Regards,

Irene Donadio


FACEBOOK article:

Help advance sexual reproductive health and rights – not only for Europe but on a broader international level! Share the 5 reasons on FB, tweet and email your Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in your own language today! #SRHRreport

On Tuesday, October 22nd, the European Parliament has a unique opportunity to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights. The MEPs will vote on a report on sexual and reproductive health and rights, the ‘Estrela report’.

If the report is adopted, it will serve as a policy beacon for all other European Union institutions and will be a major milestone for SRHR. The report calls for, among other things, sexuality education for all young people, SRHR funding in EU development cooperation, and access to modern contraception and legal, safe and accessible abortion for all as well protection of minorities as part of the human rights framework.

Given that the report is so SRHR-friendly it needs our support. Help us to get YOUR MEP to vote in favour of the Estrela Report by spreading the word!

SHARE the 5 reasons document if you agree that everyone in the EU is entitled to to sexual and reproductive health and RIGHTS!


(Please tag MEPs whenever possible in the messages below in order to ensure the highest visibility we can have in the parliament!!!)

What is the #SRHRreport all about? Your right to sexual and reproductive health + rights and gender equality! #comingup #EU

Sexual and reproductive health and rights? All about sexual and reproductive information, education and services! #SRHRreport #comingup #EU

Is YOUR MEP the frontrunner of promoting and protecting the human rights of young people and women? #SRHRreport #comingup #EU

Can women & young peep decide freely and responsibly on their sexuality, free of coercion, discrimination and violence? #support #SRHRreport

#youngpeople are the crucial component when we want to improve the #health of the whole population #support #SRHRreport #supportSexEd

Every year we have an opportunity to bring education and preventive services to young people #support #SRHRreport #supportSexEd

Experts agree that restricting access to reproductive services&info does not reduce unwanted pregnancies #support #SRHRreport #supportSexEd

Key is to empower young people, economically and education-wise, to care for their own wellbeing #support #SRHRreport #supportSexEd

This is what the Estrela report REALLY says:

What is the #SRHRreport all about? #EU #whatSRHRreallyisabout #supportSRHR

#SRHRreport: respect, protect & fulfill sexual & reproductive health + rights for all #whatSRHRreallyisabout #supportSRHR

Teaching young people to take responsibility for their own #sexual&repr. health has long-term positive effects & positive impact on society

#SRHRreport: sexuality is a positive aspect of life & we need 2 create a culture of acceptance, respect, non-discrimination & non-violence

#SRHRreport recognizes that sexual and reproductive health and rights are an essential element of human dignity #supportSRHR

#SRHRreport says: women and men should equally bear the responsibility of preventing unwanted#pregnancies

#SRHRreport reminds that EU has promised to promote equality between men and women in all its activities #supportSRHR

#SRHRreport: sexual rights are human rights! Their violations are breaches of womens&girls rights 2 equality, dignity & health #supportSRHR

UN Special Rapporteur 2010: right to comprehensive sexual education is a human right! #SRHRreport #supportSexEd

Gender inequality is a key cause of the non-fulfillment of women’s and adolescent’s sexual and reproductive health #supportSRHR #SRHRreport

#SRHRreport says: abortion should be safe and accessible in all of EU #supportSRHR

#SRHRreport says: #SexEd should be positive, holistic & rights-based & emphasize life skills: both relationships & biology #supportSexEd

#SRHRreport says sexuality education should be provided in a safe, taboo-free, interactive environment #supportSexEd #supportSRHR

Stereotypes on femininity&masculinity&about girls’ and women’s sexuality are obstacles to the fulfillment of #SRHR #supportSRHR

#SRHRreport: it is vitally important that women have access to gynecological check-ups and mammographs

Empowerment of women&girls is key to breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence! #support #SRHRreport