Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum (BYIF) is organizing three days refresher training on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to their young female facilitators in coordination with Marie Stopes International, Nepal from 10th t0 12th May, 2014. A year back BYIF had implemented Ipas Nepal funded project entitled “Reproductive classes to young women factory workers”. During Ipas funded project, more than 20 young female volunteers of BYIF were given six days Training to Trainers (ToT) on sexual and reproductive health & rights.

MSI Nepal is funding same project to conduct series of SRHR sessions for young women factory workers. BYIF is MSI Nepal’s youth led partner organization who already have experience working with young women factory workers and arranging agreement with factories for letting their young female workers (15-30) years to participate in SRHR sessions.

There were fourteen young female facilitators who participated in the refresher training. The sessions covered are Human rights & SRH rights, gender or sex, healthy relationship, anatomy, puberty & menstruation, pregnancy, contraception and abortion. The participants were also trained on facilitation skills as they have to conduct SRHR classes in factories being identified by BYIF in near future.

“Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights are Human Rights” this is the message with which the session on human rights started. The participants were former facilitators and are working in areas of young

people SRHR have clear knowledge on rights and responsibility. Few participants talked about sexual violence and harassment they face in their daily life implying to ” Right to be free form any form of violence and discrimination.” Likewise during group presentation, one of the groups showed role play on street harassment faced by young girls. After that the facilitator of training talked about IPPF charter on young people sexual and reproductive health rights.

To highlight more on young women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights a documentary entitled ” Exploring behind screen” on Sushila Jaisi’s dead due to unsafe abortion was demonstrated and discussed.

Gender and sex is another topic which was discussed with examples and videos on devaluation of women’s household works. Later the session continued on different kind of violence in relation to gender based violence. One of the participants on violence talked about violence in local transportation. She added,”Local transportation in Nepal is too crowded with limited seat but drivers tried to get as much as travelers although the bus capacity has its own limits. Because of which women are sexually harassed and abused. Even if women speak for their rights nobody supports.” Likewise representative of MSI also shared there are reservation in seats for women and differently able people but nobody cares about it even drivers also neglect. It is women right to claim about the reserve seats. Someone has to start to raise her voice. Other passengers will realize n eventually support!!”

Reproductive anatomy is the favorite session for most of the participants. They explained, “most of the young women are shy to talk about their vagina. Being free and talking about reproductive organs are taboo in our society. During sessions in factories for young women factory workers it was observed that young women do not have even basic knowledge on their reproductive organs.” The session then was followed by information on puberty, menstruation & its process, pregnancy, contraception and safe abortion.

Most of the participants are involved in activities, programs or training on SRHR before. They are also peer educators of Family Planning Association of Nepal and Ipas as well. They have good skills and knowledge on safe abortion. The participants knew the law and policy regarding safe abortion in Nepal.

The refresher training formally ended with commitment by participants to work for marginalized community and aware them about their SRH rights. Go girls!!! We are really proud of u!!