A filibuster is a parliamentary procedure where a debate is deliberately extended in order to prevent a vote on a certain issue. Can it be a form of subversion? Certainly! And that is exactly what Wendy Davis, the democratic Senator from Texas, USA did when she used her 13-hour long speech to stall the hearing of legislation that could have shut down every single abortion facility in the state. And for that long speech , Wendy Davis is also our Person Of The Month for June. We think she deserves a 13-hour applause for her effort!

You can catch the excitement in the room here, as women cheer long and hard for Wendy Davis:

The speech was as exhausting as it sounds. Reports say that Ms. Davis remained standing the entire time, stayed on topic, and did not even take a bathroom break during this entire time. When asked what she had to say about the day, she commented “My back hurts. I don’t have a lot of words left.”

Texan abortion vote speaker senator Wendy DavisTime Magazine has done a special on Ms. Davis, which says, “Davis, now 50, started working at 14, and by the age of 19, she was divorced and raising a child. She enrolled in community college and eventually transferred to Texas Christian University. After graduating first in her class, she left the state to attend Harvard Law School. With a law degree in hand, Davis became a practicing attorney in Fort Worth and joined the Fort Worth city council, serving for nine years.”

American women and men showed their appreciation almost immediately on social media. Ms. Davis’s following on Twitter soared, reaching a following of 20,000 from an earlier 1200. Even now, RH Reality Check is running a signature campaign to thank Ms. Davis, who not only stood up for the state of Texas, but for the entire prochoice movement, by stalling a law that could have inspired such restrictions in the future.

However, the bad news is: she has only stalled it. Texas has an anti-choice governor, Rick Perry, who you might remember from the Republican Primaries that preceded the Presidential election in 2012. Perry is likely to call for a special session to take a vote, according to media reports. If he does, this bill will probably pass.

Yet, Wendy Davis will remain a hero for lending her voice to thousands of women, and for lending that voice for a time long enough to block the vote at least once!