No one questioned when she picked up the car

But he was not given the choice to pick a Barbie with a star

She was questioned when she went out in the dark of the night

But there was silence when he threw acid in the broad daylight

When she cried, it was that time of the month

But his cry was said to be her brunt

They said her uterus was a part of her body

But it was weighed on the beam balance that’s become foggy

She blames him, He blames her

They never account each other

His choice is duty, her choice is rebel

They have become bound to the systems wicked spell

They assumed the foetus wants to live

They assumed it’s black and white and not various shades of grey

They assumed Ravan is the villain

They assumed women would support women

But after all these presumptions do you realize

That this poem is also based on assumptions

It’s not always her and him, there is also they.

She may have a she as her bae

It’s not always her uterus, it’s theirs too

Heroes and villains are deviated from the anti parallel virtue.

My happily ever after would be my found family

Theirs would be being happy financially

When will we understand the difference between reasoning and justification

You can ask why, but don’t expect me to justify

When we want to see each other come out of the shell

That’s when we’ll break the spell