There is a whatsapp joke doing the rounds last week—

Valentine died for love, Romeo also died for love, Jack in Titanic died for love, Even Jesus Christ died for love. Where are the women ? Don’t buy any woman a Valentine’s day treat or gift till she gives you names of 5 women who died for love, because no woman would die for love. Wake up Guys !

Seriously ?

Ok, let’s start counting……..

The number of young girls who commit suicide after being jilted by boyfriends and lovers

The number of wives killed by men having affairs:

The number of women who are burnt to death for dowry and because they don’t leave violent marriages for the love of their children:

The number killed because they fell in love with someone from the wrong caste/ class/ religion,

India has registered an almost 800 percent rise in the number of killings in the name of “honour” reported last year, according to figures presented in parliament.

honor killing

The number of women dying while giving birth : love for their partner, family, society, the human race ?

The number of women disfigured, blinded, scarred for life due to acid attacks by men:


The number of women who carry on in the face of violence till they finally get beaten to death because they don’t leave home for the love of their children:

One woman dies every hour says this article from 2013.

And besides this Last year, over three lakh women were kidnapped, raped, molested—and in some extreme cases, killed—by men across the country.

There are 860 hours in one year. Do the math.

And then bring on the presents for Valentine’s Day and make it big !

Of course, if you are a follower of the Asaram Bapu who raped a 15 year old girl and allegedly sexually assaulted many many more, you are probably celebrating today as Matru Pitru Samman diwas. Wah, kya bat hai !