Commemorating A Feminist For Sept. 28 : Japan

We thank Fumi Suzuki, the Executive Director of Space Allies, Japan for writing to us about this event conducted on Sept. 28 in Japan.

japOn September 28, 2013, in Tokyo, Japan, we had an event for commemorating the late Dr. Sizuko Sasaki, who had fought for women’s reproductive rights and built up a centre for survivors of sexual assault.

In the event with about 200 participants, Ms. Sumie Asatori, executive director of “Space Allies”, gave a speech about the International Campaign For Women’s Rights to Safe Abortion and September 28, the Global Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion and demanded decriminalizing abortion in Japan and all over the world.

Like in many countries, abortion is criminalized by the penal code in Japan. The other law, maternal protection law, stipulating justifiable case for abortion, such as health reason and in case of rape, requires a woman who wants abortion to obtain consent of her spouse. Sumie spoke about how these law invade women’s reproductive rights and should be abolished immediately.

For more information about the law in Japan please read the country profile on ASAP’s website.

Also read this blogpost also written with contributions by Space Allies for a history of the abortion law in Japan:

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