ASAP Rising

What’s on Feb 12, 2013? Our dance on Twitter of course! Two days before we all rise to protest violence against women, ASAP, Bell Bajao and TARSHI will hold a discussion on this violent culture, and how it affects men and women! Follow us @asapasia and tweet with #WhosInControl to tell us what you think!

But here’s a quick look at where ASAP will be rising on Feb 14, V-Day!

Mumbai, India:

ASAP’s staff will be joining the city of Mumbai at Bandra! If you will be there too, give us a shout on ! We would love to meet, and talk!

Check out the details:

Colombo, Sri Lanka:

Youth Champion Dakshitha Wickremaratne will be rising with Colombo. Are you in the city too? Then drop whatever you may be doing, grab a pair of dancing shoes and join the crowd. And the buzz is… there’s to be a flash mob too! Don’t miss the fun.

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Gönyeli, Cyprus:

Youth Champion Fezel Nizam will rise with Gönyeli, and she promises that a Tsunami of feminists is about to hit the town. You don’t want to miss this wave!

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Lucknow, India:

Youth Champion Esha Saraswat, and her organization are bringing OBR and V-day to Indian villages, by creating pamphlets in Hindi! These could be useful to you too. Take a look at the picture below, download and share it widely!


Pune, India:

Youth Champion Preet Manjusha and her organization has come up with their own OBR song! Here it is. Now you can dance to these tunes wherever


About Shweta Krishnan

Shweta Krishnan was the Communication and Networking Officer For the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership between June 2012 and March 2014. She is a feminist writer with a background in medicine, and has a strong commitment to promoting sexual and reproductive rights for all.
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