Country Profile – China

Law related to Abortion :

Brief history of the law: Abortion is legal in China at all times.

Short summary of conditions within the law

To save the life of the woman : yes

To preserve physical health : yes

To preserve mental health : yes

Rape or incest : yes

Foetal impairment : yes

Economic or social reasons : yes

Available on request : yes

Abortion could be provided under all the above conditions.

Analysis of it being restrictive if at all

Policy :

Family Planning is the basic policy in China.

Practice :

Abortion is conducted by medical doctors.

Reproductive Health Perspective :

Signatory to ICPD, CEDAW : Yes

Abortion Statistics :

Total :

In China , there were about 7.63 million abortions in 2007 .

Ref. PRC Ministry of Health Statistical Digest. 2008 Chinese Health Statistical Digest. (accessed 18 Nov 2008 ).

About 95% of abortion are 1 st TM, about 5% are 2 nd TM .

Details on safe, unsafe, married women, unmarried women, adolescents, Septic abortions: Regarding the above items, there are no official statistics available from MOH or National Population and Family Planning Commission of PC China.

Public sector :

Abortion services are available for both 1 st Trimester and 2 nd Trimester

Cost : In general, g overnment covers all the cost of abortion in China .

Private sector :

In general, private hospital is not allowed to provide abortion services, excepting them having got the special permission from the local government. The cost of abortion is much higher than that in public hospital.

Methods used :

D&C, EVA, MVA, MMA with Mife Miso, MMA with Miso alone, MMA with Methotrexate Miso

Excepting MMA with Methotrexate Miso, all of the above methods are used for the first trimester abortion.

2 nd Trimester with Ethacridine lactate , Misoprostol, D&E, Hyterotomy

Ethacridine lactate, Mife + Mis o, D&E, Hyterotomy are used for the second trimester abortion.

Provider level allowed for surgical and medical abortion :

Only Ob/Gy and family planning doctors are allowed to do surgical and medical abortion in China since 2003.

Abortion related morbidity mortality statistics :

No official statistics available from MOH or National Population and Family Planning Commission of PC China. I think there is small number of morbidity related to abortion, and almost no mortality directly related to abortion in China.

Manufacture and/or availability through import of abortion equipment (MVA syringes, EVA equipment) :

There is domestic product of abortion equipment in China.

Manufacture/ import of Mifepristone, Misoprostol :

We have Mife and Miso made in China

Facility and provider certification norms in brief :

Each hospital and provider needs a certification for abortion services in China.

Information available in national service delivery standards :

There is a national guideline of abortion (surgical and medical) in China.

Informal / illegal providers – if present who are they :

A few private clinics or hospitals.

Population urban/ rural – Demography of the country, with an analysis of availability of abortion services ratio to population :

No official statistics available from MOH or National Population and Family Planning Commission of PC China.

Role of government :

In China, government plays very an important role for keeping abortion safe. It is supportive, provides adequate funding to run training and service delivery programmes

Role of religion/ religious leaders :

Enabling, supportive, neutral, restrictive


Local Ob Gyn societies :


Current status and potential of research :

Medical method for second trimester abortion is the potential of research.

Awareness amongst community
members :


Role of member organization/ individual :

I am the Chairperson of Chinese Family Planning association; our team and I are doing our best for contraception and safe abortion in China.