What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the world calls a butterfly !

Similar mixed feelings as we reach the end of our Youth Advocacy Institute with the wonderful, enthusiastic, motivated Youth Champions from Nepal.

We had sessions on communication and using social media led by Prabina and Smriti and then everyone settled down for some quiet time to prepare original content based on the learning, reflections and analysis of these past few days.

Some amazing outputs were shared ranging from cartoons, to a re- thinking of all holy books, personal stories and a call for social justice and demands for women’s rights.

chinese kaunu chinese whispers

The Youth CANN team then shared stories of their own personal journeys from new participants to being peer trainers and now leaders of a new network.


For most of the participants the Institute was a process of deep personal impact since many of them had already begun questioning the status quo and the hegemonic models they faced but did not have the language or the politics or the arguments to challenge it. They are now feeling empowered and validated and motivated to learn even more and continue the good work.

group all group new

All good things must come to an end but as Prabesh reminded us, this is actually the beginning of a long journey and we are looking forward to moving along together.





About Suchitra Dalvie

Suchitra Dalvie is the Coordinator for the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership and a Steering Committee Member for CommonHealth. She is a strong believer in women's rights to safe abortion and has worked in promoting the cause for over 10 years. She is also a practicing Gynecologist.
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