International Day of Action for Women’s Health: May 28th

What is the significance of this day ?

UntitledaMay 28th has been commemorated as the International Day of Action for Women’s Health for over 30 years by women’s rights advocates and allies in the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) movement worldwide. The campaign seeks to provide women’s grassroots organizations with greater access to information than was previously available, bring to light significant gaps in the research data on women’s health, and critically, create a platform to highlight the importance of women’s health as an issue.


This year on IDAWH, ASAP highlighted some of the many common stereotypes ascribed to women and critique their ‘most important role’ according to society, which is a reproduction.

The emphasis of this campaign was to realize that women can be so much more than just mothers or wives or a medium to ensure continuity of her husband’s lineage.

Therefore each picture challenges one such norm in our society that reduces her value to her gender or her uterus with complete disregard for her choices.


The theme for our campaign this year was #ThatsWhatSheSaid, a play on the commonly used colloquial joke phrase.

The phrase ‘That’s What She Said’ is often used as a punch line to jokes as a way of making the preceding statement sexual innuendo. The format of the joke sees women as devoid of having any sexual agency and a subject-body. Through our campaign, we reclaim the phrase, #ThatsWhatSheSaid, to center women in the demand for their sexual and reproductive health and rights!

Our campaign this year was conceptualized and developed by our wonderful cohort of Youth Champions at the India Safe Abortion Youth Advocates (I-SAY).

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